Spring 1999 Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Lung (Dong Ding)

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Cultivar: Qinxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested : Spring 1999

Origin: Yong Lung, Dong Ding, Taiwan
Process: Hung Shui Oolong (light to medium oxidation and deep, slow roast in 1999, but no re-reroasting since)

1. AppearanceSmall, brown, unfurling leaves.

The dark orange/golden brew has a very good clarity and shine.

The open leaves open up completely and are still greenish.

2. Scents

The scents are fruity, malty, woody and sweet. Lots of layers, but it retains a good purity.

3. Taste

It has some Wuyi suan (a kind of fruity astringency), lots of sweetness and also some iron taste. The aftertaste is very, very, very long. The remaining taste in the mouth is clean. There's a nice salivation on the side of the mouth and a comfortable feeling in the throat.

See the Chaxi of this tea here.

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