2017 Spring Organic Competition grade Bi Luo Chun from San Hsia

  The light scent of spring

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Cultivar: Qingxin Ganzhong
Harvested by hand on March 31, 2017
Origin: San Hsia, Taiwan
Process: green tea (tumbling oven dried)

This spring harvest is unusually late after a cold and dry winter. The tea trees have had an excellent rest. Unfortunately for the farmers, the dry weather also means very low yields this year. This is the very first spring 2017 harvest with sunny weather. This is the very best quality one can find for a green tea in Taiwan. Such leaves are usually used for the Farmer's competition!

This green tea has the finesse, light flower scents and energy typical of great San Hsia Biluochun.

Stephen C.

Wow, this tea is so graceful. The taste is incredibly well balanced, with floral notes that aren't overwhelming and a well established baseline sweetness. The overall profile is refreshing, airy and a great representation of the characteristics connected to early spring. Of all the green tea I purchased this year, including two other Bi Lou Chuns from china, this tea soared far above the rest. The tea is very memorable, it has stayed in my mind since I've finished it , so much so that I am currently writing this review before ordering more. I really miss the delicate tone that this tea offers.


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