5 Japanese copper Cha Tuo (saucers)

Mei, lan, zhu, ju, song

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Diameter: 11 cm

Weight of the set: 490 gram

 Made in Japan. New.

These saucers hold small tea cups with style. And they protect the tea cloth from stains. Each saucer features a different symbolic plant. The 5 plants are: Plum blossom, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum and Pine. They show the strong connection between drinking tea and nature. But they also convey the strong symbolism and moral values of ancient Chinese literati.

1. The plum blossoms in winter and shows resilience.

2. Orchids blossom in spring and symbolize nice scents, love and beauty.

3. The Chrysanthemum blossoms in fall and symbolizes wisdom and lightness.

4. The bamboo is a plant of summer and is associated with the literati who shows humility, is able to bend but won't break.

5. To these 4 Chinese paragons of virue, this Japanese add the pine tree. It is also a winter plant that symbolizes longevity and friendship.

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