2017 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Ali Shan

The energy of Alishan

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Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong
Harvested : April 16th, 2017
Origin: Caoling, Ali Shan (1250 m)
Process: Light oxidized, rolled.

  The Caoling mountain is west of Shibi, between Zhushan and Alishan. This Jinxuan plantation is particularly high in elevation.

The dry leaves have flowery scents and the brew has a transparent light yellow hue.

Its oxidation level is light, but higher than usual for high mountain leaves. This intensifies the aromas and brings out the full power of the Alishan terroir. The taste is clean, sweet and fresh. It develops into a mellow milky/buttery aftertaste. There are even some notes of peaches! Its lack of astringency or bitterness is remarkable. It's a delicious high mountain Oolong, especially when you consider its affordable price!

Denis E.

excellent rapport qualité/prix c'est un thé suave, fleuri , doux tapissant la bouche. Il est riche et long en bouche avec des arômes lactés, de pêche blanche. De nombreuses infusions sont possibles avec une trame plus herbacée et tannique qui apparaît .


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