2017 Spring Top Jinxuan Oolong Ali Shan

Floral and refined

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Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong
Harvested by hand: April 6th, 2017
Origin: Changshu Hu, Ali Shan (1200 m)
Process: Light oxidized, rolled Oolong and very light roast

 1. The view

The big dark green leaves are tightly rolled. The leaves have red oxidation marks on the egdes of the open leaves. The brew's color is a bright golden hue. Its shine and clarity are signs of top quality. The leaves are particularly thick and healthy because they come from a new plantation.

2. The Scents

The dry floral scents are very light and high pitched. There are notes of honeysuckle. The typical milky scent appears in the open leaves as they cool down and in the brew. The scents also combine delicate spring flowers.

3. The taste

It feels sweet and clean. It starts very soft and mellow at first. Then the aftertaste keeps on lingering and produces waves of of freshness and salivation in the mouth. It's exceptionnally refined and sweet.

Lohit V.

Extraordinary floral and light vegetal flavor, elegant taste with light jasmine top notes and creamy body.


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