2016 Winter Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu

  The Queen of Formosa Oolong

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Cultivar: Qinxin Dapang
Harvested by hand on November 10th, 2016
Origin: Hsin Chu, Taiwan
Process: Jassid bitten buds, high oxidized, in stripes.

The dry leaves are true to the other name of Oriental Beauty, '5 colors tea' (Wusi cha).
The dry fragrances are refined and fruity.

The clarity and transparency of the brew are very good.
The brew has a fruity and candy like aroma. It's intensive and typical of Oriental Beauty. The taste is rich and deep. It can become too powerful when overbrewed. Don't push it too much.

The high oxidation level of these leaves intensifies the fruity aromas and turns this into a rather traditional version of Oriental Beauty. It's interesting to see that it's also possible to make this tea in November (thanks to an unusually warm and humid season).

 See here for a refined prepartion of OB.

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