Light celadon tea pot

  Light celadon porcelain tea pot

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This light celadon porcelain teapot is available in 2 sizes: 17 cl or 24 cl (170 ml or 240 ml).

Made in Taiwan.

The inside filter is flat and made of 7 holes in the porcelain wall. I like this filter, because it's not using any metallic part that would interfere with the taste of tea.

Porcelain is a neutral material. It best fits red tea, but can be used for all tea categories. Due to its light green color, I recommend it more for green tea, unroasted Oolongs and Baozhongs. A gaiwan may be difficult to handle, but this porcelain teapot is a child's play!

Florian G.

Petite théière très pratique, rend très bien avec les thés rouges.


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