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This sampler contains 3 versions of this spring 2017 Jinxuan Zhuo Yan Oolong from Songboling (Nantou county, Taiwan). These insect bitten Jinxuan leaves have been harvested by hand and they underwent a medium oxidation. Then, the farmer made 3 versions of this tea:

1. Unroasted. That's the version that I've been proposing in the link. (See first set of pictures).

2. Roasted in an electric oven. This is how most Oolongs are roasted in Taiwan.

3. Roasted over charcoal. This traditional method is more labor intensive and is usually reserved for tea competitions or special orders. 


It's quite obvious that the roasting adds depth and body to the taste. The light fruity aromas turn darker, more mature also. The difference between the 2 roasts is more subtle. The electric roast seems gives the strongest taste, while the charcoal roast feels more natural and smooth.

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