2017 Spring 'Subtropical Forest' Baozhong 2

Subtropical forest variation

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Cultivar: Yingzhi Hongxin
Harvested by hand: April 13th, 2017
Origin: Pinglin area, Wenshan
Process: Light to medium oxidized Baozhong, very light roasting

The dry leaves have a bluish hue and the open leaves show oxidation on their edge. This higher than usual oxidation level indicates a more traditional processing for this Wenshan Baozhong. The oxidation intensifies the aromas. The brew has a deep yellow hue with a good transparency.

The scents are similar to the subtropical forest surrounding the Wenshan plantations.

The taste is smooth with a zesty touch. It's a very good variation using a different, lesser known cultivar, Yingzhi, with the same process.

Stephen C.

The leaves are stunning! A mix of deep green and "Peacock " blue they create a beautiful contrast with my pale gaiwan. The scents of the leaves instantly remind me of my time spent in New Zealand, no joke. They give off a dense, almost humid scent. The smell lingers throughout my room entire room, its remarkably strong. The tea brews up with a heavy butteriness. Fruity notes are also present. It brings to mind thick fruits such as plantain, but there is also a more high pitched fruit note cutting through like pineapple(?) I really enjoyed this tea :)


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