2017 Spring Ying Xiang Baozhong

TTES No 20

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Cultivar: Ying Xiang (TTES No 20), 迎香
Harvested by hand: 23 avril 2017
Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan

Process: Lightly oxidized Baozhong, twisted leaves, well dried.

1. View

The brew has an excellent lack of turbidity and a pale green color indicating a light oxidation.

2. Scents

The dry scent of the leaves is like spring meadows. The brew has wonderful fragrances of lily flowers and osmanthus.

3. Taste

The taste is clean, sweet and powerful. Its aftertaste has depth and finesse.

Conclusion: This Ying Xiang cultivar was created in Taiwan in 2004. It's a cross between a previous cultivar code named 2022 and Jinxuan. This cultivar is very well suited to produce Baozhong, however, so far, the production volume of this leaf is still low. Its powerful taste adds character to this brew. A delicious novelty I recommend trying if you love Baozhong!
Stephen C.

This tea embodies the essence of spring. The dry leaf scent is incredibly reminiscent of Osmanthus accompanied by a medley of other spring flowers. The wet leaf scents take me into a damp forest right after the rain ends, it is very elegant and vibrant. In the cup this tea has a thick mouth feel that I associate with fresh milk, over this milk texture the floral notes still shine bright. The tea also has a pleasant sweetness that is persistent in the finish. Overall this is my favorite Bao Zhong that I've tried!


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