Yixing modern zhuni Bian Hu


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The volume of the teapot is 165 ml (16.5 cl)

It weighs 142.5 grams. The shape of this teapot is flat and nicely curved. It is also known as a Bian Hu.

This modern zhuni clay is dark red with little porosity. Its sound is high when the lid touches the body of the pot.

This curvy design is very elegant. The lid has long walls.

It was made approximately 10 years ago. I've cleaned it and it's ready for use
This teapot has 1 hole.

Due to its flat shape and hard clay, it's a perfect fit for Baozhong or medium roasted Yan Cha.

The calligraphy on the bottom is a short poem about 1000 mountains and clouds.

Andrew M.

Hello. Mr. Erler. Thanks for your advice about the zhu ni Bian Hu. It's a fabulous pot, and the Baozhong sample you sent with it (you said it would be more suitable than than Jinxuan for zhu ni.) is one of the best surprise tea discoververies I've experienced. If my tea budget wasn't overextended I'd request a batch. The Lixing hung ni you sent recently makes perfect Yan Cha. Thank you for these treasures.


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