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2019 Summer Oriental Beauty from Wenshan

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The scent of Beauty


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Cultivar: Jinxuan, Manzhong, Qingxin Oolong

Harvested by hand: July 2019

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan, Taiwan

Process: Jassid bitten buds and small leaves, medium to high oxidation, striped, dried.

1. View

The leaves are a mix of small leaves and buds. The orange brew has a very good clarity and transparency. The open small leaves are part green, part red, reflecting a medium to high oxidation level.

2. Scents

The dry leaves smell like a mix of wood, ripe fruit and honey! The brew has a light honey and fruity fragrance. Its cold scent adds even more lightness and finesse.

3. Taste

This tea feels quite light in taste. It has a slight astringency that is typical of high oxidized tea. But the overall taste is mellow.

Conclusion: This Wenshan Oriental Beauty is quite different from the traditional Oriental Beauty Oolongs made in Hsin Chu. The main difference is the cultivar. Here, the tea is a mix and it's not roasted. The result is a much simpler Oriental Beauty with nice honey fragrance and a light taste. And since it's not the farmer's main production (they focus on Baozhong in spring and winter), the price is very attractive.

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