2010 Autumn Top Oriental Beauty Tradition from Hsin Chu

Candy sweet


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Cultivar: Qingxin Dapang
Harvested by hand, end of August 2010
Origin: Hsin Chu county, Taiwan
Process: Jassid bitten leaves, high oxidized, in stripes and medium roasted once.

 1. View

These dry leaves from August are of such good quality that they look very similar to early summer leaves.  The dark orange brew has a very good transparency. The leaves are dark brown to red, indicating a high oxidation level.

2. Scents

The dry leaves have a sweet whisky or brandy kind of fragrance with wood notes.  The brew has sweet scents of candy and dark wood. They unfold little by little over a long time.


3. Taste

The candy like sweetness is very striking. There's depth and a rich texture in this tea. The roasting seems to have been powerful at the time of production. After 8 years, the tannins are now well rounded and mellow.  

Conclusion: This autumn 2010 top OB is another good example of how traditional OB improves with time. It also shows that quality matters, because high quality leaves are more concentrated with aromas that become more refined with time. It comes from the same maker as this autumn 2010 OB.


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