Shipments and returns

SPECIAL COVID-19 announcement

Normal shipping (Airmail or EMS) to: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Greece, Turkey, most of Asia (Japan, Indonesia…)  

These are the countries that only accept Airmail shipping:  UK, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Austria, Slovakia, Latvia, Ireland, Russia, Georgia.

This is the list of countries that have suspended shipments from Taiwan:

Iran, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Laos, Burma...

Moldova, Malta, Bielorussia, Ukraine, Estonia, Iceland, Slovenia.

South and Central America.

Fidji, Solomon Islands.

Your shipment

You may choose to ship with airmail or Express Mail System (EMS). Airmail is generally a little bit slower. Both methods come with a tracking number.

Airmail is FREE for any order above 100 USD to most countries (Europe, North America and Asia).

EMS is FREE for any order above 200 USD to most countries (Europe, North America and Asia).

Otherwise, the shipping cost a flat rate that will depend on where you are located. And import duties are the responsibility of the buyer.


Packages are sometimes returned to Taiwan, because the buyer didn't know they arrived and didn't claim them at the post office. Most countries will ship the packages back if they were not claimed within a month. We encourage you to monitor the tracking of your packages and contact your local post office if the tracking shows that they failed to deliver.