1980 spring Hung Shui Oolong from Feng Huang, Dong Ding

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Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested : spring 1980

Origin: Feng Huang, Dong Ding (central Taiwan)
Process: Low to medium Oxidation, deep, medium roast in 1980 and not roasted again.
Aging: by a tea collector until 2009 and then by me, vacuum sealed.

1. Dry leaves
  However, over the course of 35 years, the leaves have unfurled and aren't tightly rolled anymore. The size of the leaves is smaller than nowadays. The dry scents are amazingly close to some powerful aged, malty liquor (Cognac or scotch). It's a scent that starts salivation in the back of my palate.

2. Brew
  Excellent transparency and shine. The color is dark gold.

3. Taste

 It starts soft and sweet. Very clean. 2 dimensions appear: sweet, thick, powerful and at the same time a freshness that turns minty. It combines old wood, nutty, malty and honey aromas with still very fresh Oolong aromas. The aftertaste is more than just pleasant. It plays on the tongue and delights the palate. Finesse!

Conclusion: An amazing example of aged Dong Ding Oolong. It shows a perfect harmony between the original freshness of the leaves, still very much preserved here, and the transformation into very smooth and deep aromas.

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