2000 Summer top Oriental Beauty Tradition from Hsin Chu

A taste of Heaven


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Cultivar: Qingxin Dapang
Harvested by hand, June 2000
Origin: Hsin Chu county, Taiwan
Process: Jassid bitten buds, high oxidized, in stripes and medium roasted once.

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The dry leaves contain a good mix of smaller leaves with a high ratio of white buds. The golden brew has an excellent shine and transparency. The leaves are quite red, indicating a high oxidation level.

2. Scents

The dry leaves have an intoxicating fragrance that is almost alcoholic! Aged Oriental Beauty that hasn't been re-roasted has such a wonderful scent! If it were a perfume, it'd be Fendi or Chanel No 5!

The brew's scents are layered with old, precious wood furniture, honey and perfume. This feminine fragrance would be a good fit for a distinguished woman of power and beauty.

3. Fragrance

Sweet, pure and flawless. The elegance of this refined taste matches the wonderful fragrances and triggers a deep 'hmmmmm' sound of pleasure from deep inside. How can something so good exist on earth?! It's so wonderful to be alive and have experience such an Oriental Beauty!

Conclusion: Let the modern, rich tea drinkers (in China) chase after this year's competition Oriental Beauty Oolongs. Such teas smell great, but don't age well. Here we have the best of both! Because this top quality OB has been well roasted in 2000 and hasn't been re-roasted, but was well preserved in a dry, dark and cool place. This is real excellence.

Brewing tip: few leaves, boiling water, rather long brewing time, but not too long.

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