2016 Spring Top Hung Shui Oolong Ali Shan


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Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested by hand : April 2016
Origin: Alishan, Taiwan (1200 m)
Process: traditional charcoal roast with medium to strong strength.

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The dry leaves are dark green and rather big. The brew is dark orange, signaling a strong concentration of aromas. The transparency and shine of the tea brew are excellent. 

2. The scents

The dry leaves have this bourbon/whisky kind of intoxicating smell. It's a very familiar and sweet roasting smell. The fragrances from the brew are similar to mocha, part chocolate part coffee with a fresh fruity tea flavor that comes at the very end of the tasting. It's strong, but harmonious. (And this is when I brew it competition style!)

3. The taste

The roasting of this tea is quite different in style from the Dong Ding competition roasting. The use of real wood charcoal, longer time and lower temperature and 1 year of rest translate into a very soft taste. The fresh aromas of the leaves are wonderfully preserved in the long, sweet and elegant aftertaste. There's richness and purity almost reminding me of Wuyi Qizhong Yan Cha! Amazing!

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