2016 Fall Zhuo Yan Oolong from Shan Lin Xi

Mountain honey

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Cultivar: qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested: October 18th, 2016
Origin: Shan Lin Xi (1500 m)
Process: heavily insect bitten leaves with low oxidation and light, slow roast.

1. Sight
The dry leaves are rolled and have light brown, red, green and white colors!

The brew is shiny and clear. The color is a dark orange.

2. Fragrances.
The dry scents are strong and complex: subtropical fruits and flowers. 

The brew's scents are much closer to fresh honey scents. It is very close to a lower oxidized, competition style Oriental Beauty with the added purity and power of the high mountains. This complexity is a gift the tea jassid's bites.

3. Taste
Very pure, clean and sweet. It's almost like honey! The impact on the body is very warming. This tea resonates thanks to a sweet coating in the whole mouth. It lingers in a very deep and slowly building aftertaste. The high mountain origin of this tea adds a lot of power, sweetness and clarity.


While this level of insect damage to tea leaves is not unusual in Taiwan, it is rare at this altitude (because of the cooler mountain climate). This fall Zhuo Yan Oolong is therefore a very special tea. It has the distinctive energy and balance of high mountain Oolong and the honey aromas of jassid bitten Oriental Beauty. This year's most interesting tea is from the fall season! Who could have thought of that?!

Elisabeth G.

This tea is a fascinating experience that goes on forever, giving many golden, mellow infusions. Tastes (and scents) include ripe mangoes, floral perfumes and that honey sweetness. The light roast seems to harmonize all the other flavours. Just amazing!


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