2001 Jingua Tuocha (shu) from XiaGuan

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Shape: Jingua Tuocha / Melon tea
Made in 2001
Origin: XiaGuan Tea Factory for CNNP, Yunnan, China
Process: shu (wodui) aka cooked.
Weight: +/- 500 gr (Thanks to its hard compression, there's little loss of leaves)
It was purchased by a Taiwanese merchant from Tainan some 13 years ago. It has been stored very clean: there are no water or tea stains on the paper. (And the paper looks yellow and aged as well).
Because it's from Xiaguan, it's still very hard pressed and it's necessary to use a puerh knife to start loosening the leaves!

The color of the leaves inside and outside is very close and doesn't appear to be grey/white. There are lots of buds and small leaves in this puerh.
To me, this tea feels so clean that I don't even rinse it!
The first 6 minutes test brew is deep black.
The scents are what I expect of good, clean shu puerh.
The taste is sweet, smooth and pure.
A great shu puerh that is best enjoyed in a soft clay, zisha teapot.
See the Chaxi for this tea here.

Elisabeth G.

Just as described, this shu tuocha has a pure, clean fragrance and flavour, plus a lingering smooth aftertaste. Very rich and luxurious.


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