2016 Summer Red Da Yeh Competition from Tse Ke Shan

  Honey Fragrance

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Cultivar: Da Yeh Oolong
Harvest: August 7th, 2016
Origin: Tse Ke Shan (800 m), Taiwan East Coast
Process: Jassid bitten, very highly oxidized and lightly roasted


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The leaves are small and thin. They contain lots of gold/orange tips, which shows that they were harvested at a very early stage. The spent leaves are small and their color indicates that the oxidation level isn't full, in order to preserve some of the lightest aromas. The brew is dark red/orange with a very good concentration, clarity and transparency.

2. Scents

Dry: due to its recent light roast, the scents remind me of toasted bread with butter and honey.

Brew: The scents are very light, sweet fruity and perfume like. Their lightness and concentration is remarkable.

3. Taste

Sweet like honey mixed with water!


Conclusion: This farmer won a prize for best tea in the world some 10 years ago with a very similar red tea. The reason for the success of this type of tea is because it applies the principles of Oriental Beauty (harvest of buds, organic farming that favors bug bites) and innovates by using Da Yeh Oolong cultivar processed into red tea. These leaves come from a top quality batch that will participate in the local red tea competition. I was able to purchase them at a high price, but much lower than if it is receives a prize at the competition.

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