2011 Spring Big Arbor Dian Hong from Yunnan

  The scent of black Currant

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Cultivar: Big arbor puerh (100 years old)
Harvested bu hand: Spring 2011 (April)

Origin: Mojiang, Yunnan, China

Elevation: 1700 meters
Process: Fully oxidized buds

This old arbor Dian Hung brings us back to the roots of top quality red tea. It all starts with the leaves:
- small leaves and buds: they contain the highest, freshest notes, the least bitterness and the most concentration,
- spring harvest: the best season to harvest tender tea buds
- high altitude, semi wild old trees: a pristine, clean environment where trees grow naturally and slowly.
The oxidation process gives more body and heavier fragrances to the tea leaves. So, it's amazing how clean and light this tea feels when it enters the mouth and is swallowed. A fresh sweetness with ripe, brown sugar fragrances. And the lasting, powerful, round and sweet aftertaste is even more impressive!

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