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The weight of each sample is 8 grams. This allows for 2 testings:

1. The standardized competition testing: 3 grams, 6 minutes in a competition set or a porcelain gaiwan of similar size (135 ml).

Despite the long brewing time of the first brew, it's possible to make more brews with these top quality leaves.

2. A free style testing with the remaining leaves (5 grams) with a gaiwan or a teapot. Instead of pushing the leaves to their limit like in the competition method, you try to get the best flavors out of the tea.


These fully oxidized (red) teas represent the best from China. Some of the teas offered here come from my personal collection and are not available elsewhere on this boutique, because their supply is too limited:

1. 2011 Spring Big Arbor Dian Hong from Yunnan. The material of this red tea is composed mostly of buds coming from old, wild puerh trees that grow in the high mountains of Mojiang, Yunnan. This produces very finest black currant scents and a deep and sweet aftertaste.

2. 2012 Spring Gao Shan Qingxin Oolong Red tea from the high mountains (1700 m) of Mojiang, Yunnan. These mall leaves and buds of qingxin Oolong cultivar were processed as red tea. They show that this popular Oolong cultivar can also make very fine and fragrant Hong Cha. I've dubbed it my Red Extreme Delight!

3. 2012 Spring Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong from TongMu village, Fujian Province. Also known as Lapsang Souchong, this is the first red tea (fully oxidized) that was invented in the world during the Qing dynasty. It has the characteristic of being smoked with pine wood from it's area of origin. This tea is composed mainly of more mature leaves and the smoking wasn't very heavy. The result is deep, sweet and very refined.

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