• Jasmine tea - 2019
  • Jasmine tea - 2019

Jasmine tea - 2019


Daily jasmine

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Late spring 2019 green tea from Hsin Chu, Taiwan

Scented 3 times with real jasmine flowers harvested in Huatan, Changhua county, Taiwan, in the summer of 2019.

No artificial scents. This tea still uses the traditional method of scenting the leaves at night with flowers picked during the day. This operation is repeated 3 times for these leaves, in order to increase the power of the jasmine fragrance.

Brewing advice: This daily jasmine has a strong taste and requires few leaves. I recommend a high water to leaf ratio. The simplest way to enjoy this tea is just 1 gram in your gaiwan, boiling water, drink and refill as many times as you like!

Note: the pictures were taken with 1.5 grams of tea only.

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