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2021 Winter Osmanthus Baozhong (organic)

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Osmanthus pure

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Cultivar: Qingxin Ganzhong

Harvested by hand: Winter 2021

Origin: SanHsia, north Taiwan

Process: light to medium oxidation, striped, scented with real osmanthus flowers growing at the tea farm, well dried No artificial scents.

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The dry leaves are dark green and rather small. The brew is dark yellow with a good clarity. It's quite oxidized, because when you bring tea leaves in contact with flowers, the tea absorbs some of their moisture along with the scents. This leads to some oxidation and explains why the tea has to be dried afterwards. There are some dry flower petals in the dry tea, but they mostly disappear during the brew.

2. Scents

Amazing osmanthus scents. Pure and natural. They marry perfectly with the Baozhong aromas.

3. Taste

Clean and sweet, this tea has a long and elegant aftertaste.

Conclusion: Usually, tea farmers scent their lower grade teas with osmanthus, but here the farmer used his high grade organic Baozhong for this purpose. The result is amazing! Very limited supply.

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