2022 Spring Organic Best grade Bi Luo Chun from San Hsia


The lightest scent of spring

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Cultivar: Qingxin Ganzhong

Harvested by hand on March 13th, 2022

Origin: San Hsia, Taiwan Process: green tea (tumbling oven dried)

Testing parameters: 2 grams, 6 minutes brew, boiling water.

1. View

Lots of white buds among the dry leaves. They show some inconsistency in size, color and appearance, because the leaves grow a little bit unevenly in this organic garden. The brew has a very clear and light green hue.

2. The scents

Extreme freshness and lightness in this very first batch of the year! Taiwan's spring is starting later than last year. So, in order to secure wonderful freshness, I selected the first batch of the year. This is why it has the lightest and finest fragrances. 

3. The taste

The taste is very light and sweet. What makes this green tea exceptional is how sweet it remains even after several minutes of brewing.

Conclusion: Taiwan is known for its Oolong teas since the late 19th century. This green tea appeared after 1949 as Chiang Kai Shek's general's were longing for Chinese green tea that could not be imported from the mainland because of the hostilities between the island and the mainland. That's why farmers in SanHsia started to produce green tea to satisfy the needs of the many mainlanders who had come to Taiwan with the KMT and were used to such tea. This batch is a notch better than last year's, because it comes from the first day of harvest (last year, it come from the second). The quality of this rare Taiwan green tea comes from the organic purity of the leaves and the very early harvest time. That's why I highly recommend it!

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