2019 Fall Oriental Beauty Tradition from Hsin Chu


The lighter taste of Tradition


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Cultivar: Qingxin Dapang

Harvested by hand: August 2019

Origin: Hsin Chu, Taiwan

Process: Jassid bitten buds, medium to high oxidation, striped and roasted for a long time at a low temperature.

1. View

The leaves are a mix of medium, large leaves and buds. The orange brew has a very good clarity and transparency. The open leaves are rather dark due to both the oxidation level and the roasting. 

2. Scents

The dry leaves smell have a rather light fruity smell! The recent roast seems to be preventing the scents to come out.  The brew seems like a 'light' version of the 2019 summer tradition OB! 

3. Taste

The brew tastes very mellow, clean and light. 

Conclusion: This fall batch is less complex and intense than a summer OB. But when it's well done, it can still be very good and be more affordable! 

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