2019 Fall Zhuo Yan Oolong from Shan Lin Xi


Dark Chocolate with honey

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Cultivar: qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong

Harvested: September 30th, 2019

Origin: Yang Keng, Shan Lin Xi (1300 m)

Process: heavily insect bitten leaves with medium oxidation and light roast.

1. View 

The dry leaves are rolled and have dark white/brown/green color (the white are the buds). The brew is shiny and clear. The color is orange/brown. The leaves open up completely. They contain lots of buds.

2. Fragrances.

The dry scents are similar to sweet, ripe wood. The brew's scents are close to baked sweet potatoes with ripe fruits. The honey scent is most apparent in the wet leaves.

3. Taste

Pure, sweet with a long aftertaste and a slight astringency. This tea coats the palate and delivers a very pleasant aftertaste.

Conclusion: The jassid bites are quite rare in winter and they give a lot of complexity to this high mountain Oolong. The flavors are similar to that of the 2018 summer zhuo yan Oolong from Yong Lung, but the high mountain terroir adds finesse and strength to this tea. 

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