2018 Winter Imperial Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu


OB excellence


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Cultivar: Qinxin Dapang

Harvested by hand: December 2018

Origin: Hsin Chu, Taiwan

Process: Jassid bitten buds, high oxidized, in stripes and light/medium roast. Competition brewing (3 grams, 6 minutes)

1. View

The dry leaves are very small. Most are white buds or black with some dark red leaves. The brew has a very clear and bright orange color. The open leaves are small and reddish. Their oxidation level is high, but lower than in summer.

2. Scents

At first scent, this winter imperial OB is very similar to a summer imperial OB. The differences take some attention and skill to notice. This OB has the same typical fine honey and fruit fragrances that come close to perfume. It has just a slightly fresher and spicier scent.

3. Taste

The tea is very sweet and deep. It has lots of dark sweetness and aftertaste.

Conclusion: This winter imperial OB is made of very fine and small leaves. Its quality level is matching or even surpassing a similar summer OB. It's also surprisingly close in aromas, but if you pay close attention, you'll taste the difference!

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