2020 Summer Oriental Beauty Tradition from Hsin Chu


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Cultivar: Qingxin Dapang

Harvested by hand: June 2020

Origin: Hsin Chu, Taiwan

Process: Jassid bitten buds, medium to high oxidation, striped and roasted for a long time at a low temperature.

1. View

The leaves are a mix of small leaves and white buds. The dark orange brew has a very good shine, clarity and transparency. The open leaves are quite small, part green, part red, reflecting a medium to high oxidation level. The leaves show signs of jassid bites.

2. Scents

The dry leaves have a light scent, because the roast is still quite recent. The brew, on the other hand, is very fruity, mostly ripe exotic fruits, molasses and honey. This 2020 batch is lighter than the 2019 version. I was already writing this about the 2019 version compared to the 2018, so probably this is just due to the difference in aging. It shows that this traditional OB becomes richer, better with time!

3. Taste

The brew tastes very mellow, clean and with a long and pleasant aftertaste. Even over brewed in competition mode (3 gr for 6 minutes), the scents and taste are well balanced. For best results, I recommend brewing shorter times with a little bit more leaves. The result is then very sweet, warming and pure. It's already very pleasant to taste now! Best brewed with a porcelain gaiwan or small porcelain teapot.

Note: This summer, my farmer only produced 50 kg of this level of Oriental Beauty. A drought has reduced tea yields, but this means more concentration in aromas for the brewers. That's why I particularly recommend this batch.

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