2020 Spring Top Concubine Oolong from Hsin Chu


Top Spring Beauty

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Cultivar: Qingxin DaPang

Harvested by hand: April 2020

Origin: Hsin Chu county, Taiwan

Process: jassid bitten leaves with strong oxidation and medium/strong, slow roast.

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The dry leaves are loosely rolled. Their color is brown and some leaves have stems. The brew is shiny and very clear. The color is a orange with shades of brown. The leaves open up, while remaining slightly hard (sign of roasting) and their color varies from green to red and black.

2. Scents

The dry scents are a mix of fruity wood and fine exotic fragrances. The brew's scents combine honey, exotic fruits and malt. It's an harmonious mix of jassid bites, oxidation and roast. Such a high level of honey scents is quite unusual for this spring Oolong. That's why it qualifies as a 'Concubine Oolong'.

3. Taste

Very pure, clean, sweet and a light sour taste at the end. The aftertaste very sweet. It has more concentration and finesse than the regular Concubine Oolong from 2020. 

Conclusion: This top Concubine Oolong comes from the same producer, but from a different plantation. It is a good example of how the taste is the major driver of quality.

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