• 2014 Spring Guei Fei Oolong Shan Lin Xi

2022 Summer Concubine Oolong from Shan Lin Xi


Summer sweet

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Cultivar: qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong

Harvested: June 4th, 2022

Origin: Shan Lin Xi (1200 m)

Process: jassid bitten leaves with strong oxidation and medium, slow roast. Also called Mixiang Oolong (Honey scent Oolong) or Guei Fei Oolong.

1. View

The dry leaves are rolled and have a dark brown color. The orange/brown brew is shiny and clear. The leaves open up well and show signs of jassid bites.

2. Scents

The dry scents are strong and complex: there are a lot of ripe and dried fruits with very suggary/honey scents. The brew's scents remind me of dark, syrupy molasse. There are still ripe, honey and red fruits: currant, cherries... but there is also a scent of cinammon when the brew cools down. This complexity is a gift the tea jassid's bites.

3. Taste

Very pure, clean and sweet. No bitterness or sourness. Just some drying sensation in the back of the throat. The impact on the body is very warming. This tea resonates thanks to a sweet coating in the whole mouth. It lingers in a very deep and slowly building aftertaste. The high mountain origin of this tea adds a lot of power, sweetness and clarity.

Conclusion: This summer Concubine from Shan Lin Xi is similar to previous Concubine Oolongs from Shan Lin Xi, with a little higher oxidation level.

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