• 2018 Summer Zhuo Yan Oolong from YongLung
  • 2018 Summer Zhuo Yan Oolong from YongLung

2018 Summer Zhuo Yan Oolong from YongLung


Tropical fruits

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Cultivar: qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong

Harvested: July 6th, 2018

Origin: Yong Lung (Dong Ding area) (700 m)

Process: Insect bitten leaves with low to medium oxidation and light roast.

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The dry leaves are rolled and have dark green/orange color! The brew is shiny and clear. The color is orange/amber rather than reddish. The color of the open leaves varies greatly: the bitten leaves are almost orange while the others are green.

2. Scents 

The dry scents are honey sweet: ripe tropical fruits. The brew's scents is typical for insect bitten Oolong. It fits well with the fruity terroir scents of Dong Ding.

3. Taste

Thick, pure and sweet. This summer zhou yan Oolong is simply insect bitten and processed like a regular Oolong. Contrary to a concubine Oolong, the farmer hasn't particularly increased the oxidation level. The increase we get is generated by the insect bites and the plant defending itself against the bites through premature oxidation.

Conclusion: The benefits of jassid bitten Oolongs are numerous. First, the bites confirm that the plantation is managed without pesticides. Second, the bites add a very characteristic high note of honey scents to the flavors of the Oolong. Third, these aromas are a very harmonious with the more fruity notes of the Dong Ding terroir.

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