• 2019 Winter Jade Oolong from Zhushan

2019 Winter Jade Oolong from Zhushan


Spring Meadow

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Cultivar: Jade (Cui Yu or Tsui Yu) Oolong (翠玉). TTES No 13 (Taiwan Tea research and Extension Station.)

Harvested by hand: November 23rd, 2019

Origin: Zhushan, Nantou (central Taiwan). These leaves come from a plantation between Zhushan and Yiguang shan. The terrain is mountainous already and the elevation is around 600-700 meters.

Process: Light oxidized, unroasted Oolong. Like Jinxuan, this cultivar was developed by Professor Wu Zhen Duo in Taiwan's Tea Research and Extension Station in the 80s (and known also as Taiwan tea No. 13). It's a 'fragrant' cultivar that is very suitable to start learning about rolled Taiwanese Oolongs. 

1. View

These dry jade Oolong leaves have a dark green hue with white tips. The brew is golden with a good clarity. The open leaves are quite big and have a bright green color with oxidized edges.

2. Scents

The scents are fresh and grassy. The brew has fragrances of spring meadows. There's also a fainter note that reminds me of Japanese Sencha!

3. Taste

The taste is sweet with a zesty feel at the end. The aftertaste is rather short. It's an Oolong that doesn't easily get bitter.

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