2023/24 Dong Pian SiJiChun Oolong from Mingjian


Winter Petals

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Cultivar: Si Ji Chun Oolong (aka Four Seasons)

Harvested by machine: November 30th, 2023

Origin: Mingjian, Nantou (central Taiwan)

Process: Light oxidation, well dried.

A 'Dong Pian' (winter petal) harvest happens when the weather suddenly warms up for several days during winter. The tea bushes are tricked into believing that spring is coming and start producing new leaves (and lots of buds). The days are very short (because it's winter) and the nights are still very cold, though. This produces conditions that are similar to high altitude, but this Mingjian plantation is only 300-400 meters high. This makes Dong Pian particularly interesting: the fragrances are particularly fresh and flowery. It's the best time of the year to make SiJiChun Oolong. The taste is lighter and sweeter than during any other season. It's a fantastic every day fresh Oolong!

1. View

Most of these small, dry leaves have white spots indicating buds, which is typical for late winter harvests. The brew has a bright yellow/green color. The leaves are fresh green. The oxidation level of this batch is rather low and similar to high mountain Oolong.

2. Scents

The typical SiJiChun flowery scents are very fresh and bright. 

3. Taste

The taste is soft, refreshing and well balanced. It's possible to brew a low leaf ration for a long time without experiencing bitterness. But the most suitable brewing method is to use a high leaf ratio and make short pours with boiling water.

Conclusion: This 2023/24 Dong Pian Oolong is an excellent choice for an everyday fresh Oolong!

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