2019 Winter Wild red tea from Taiwan


  Wild is the tea

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Cultivar: wild

Harvested by hand: October 12th, 2019

Origin: Liu Gui (1900 m), near Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

Process: fully oxidized.

1. View

The 2 grams of dry leaves are twisted, thin and long. They come from Nan Feng Shan, at an elevation of 1900 m. The brew has a very dark red color. It lacks turbidity and has a clear shine.

2. Scents

Red, ripe fruits and peppermint. The fragrance of the brew is clean and more powerful than that of the leaves.

3. Taste

The profile is somehow similar to Hong Yun red tea! It's very pure and sweet, and has a lot of depth and aftertaste!

Tip: I recommend a medium to long brewing time with not too many leaves. It's not necessary to brew this tea too powerful to experience its amazing character. And this tea is also a good candidate for aging. The 2016 version has become more complex and sweeter with time.

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