• 2019 Summer Gaba tea from Mingjian

2023 Fall Gaba organic tea from Mingjian


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Cultivar: Jinxuan, Taiwan Tea Experiment Station No 12

Harvested: September 2023

Origin: Organic plantation in Mingjian, Nantou county, Central Taiwan

Process: rolled and fermented in a nitrogen filled chamber (in anaerobic conditions = without oxygen).

1. View

The dry leaves are big and look like a well oxidized and roasted Oolong. The brew has a dark brown hue. The open leaves are mostly dark brown.

2. Scents

The scent of Gaba tea is always a little surprising and unusual. This one has some wood undertones in the dry leaves and fruity milk in the brew.

3. Taste

The taste of Gaba tea is flat and mellow by design. Its special fermentation process produces more Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (Gaba) which reduce neuronal excitability. That's why this tea is particularly recommended for people with hypertension. Its utter lack of bitterness and astringency makes it a natural beverage that's very easy to drink.

Conclusion: This Gaba tea IS NOT a red tea since its leaves haven't been oxidized, but I have put it in this category (instead of creating a new one), because its color and scents are closest to this type of tea. The fall batch has naturally sweeter and more mature aromas. This is a good fit for this dark tea.

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