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The Shan Lin Xi Oolong roast sampler

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3 Shan Lin Xi Oolongs



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This sampler includes 3 Qingxin Oolongs from the same plantation in ShanLinXi (Yang Keng, 1300 m) and from spring harvests:

1. 25 gr of fresh Oolong without roast of 2021,

2. 25 gr of lightly roasted Oolong of 2019,

3. 25 gr of top Hung Shui Oolong of 2019, the classic Dong Ding Oolong roasting level. 

Tasting these 3 Oolongs is a tea lesson about the impact of roasting on the scents and the taste of the tea. This shows also how a well managed roast transforms a fresh high mountain Oolong into a top quality Dong Ding style Oolong! It's also possible to make interesting aging experiences with this sampler.

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