TeaMasters classes of winter 2023: high oxidation


High oxidized teas



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This sampler will include the teas I will brew, study and explore during the winter season of 2023 in my free online video classes. You may watch the classes live on Facebook or in Replay on YouTube.

The following samples weigh 25 grams:

- The 3 samples from the seasons of Oriental Beauty (summer, autumn, winter) 3x25 gr

- 2021 Spring Concubine Oolong from Shan Lin Xi,

- 2022 Summer Red Tea from Alishan,

- 2021 Spring Red Da Yeh from the East Coast,

- 2022 Fall Hong Yu (#18) from Sun Moon Lake,

- 2022 Summer Hong Yun (#21) from Sun Moon Lake.

The first 3 samples will help us gain a better understanding of Oriental Beauty, the star of Taiwan's high oxidation teas. This tea has impacted the Concubine Oolong and the Red Da Yeh. And in order to better appreciate its quality, I'm adding a small FREE sample of Imperial grade OB!

The Red tea from Alishan is made from Qingxin Oolong and can help us to link this class to the Autumn class of 2022, in which we examined variations of Qingxin Oolong.

And we will conclude the class with 2 cultivars created in Taiwan specifically for red tea production by the Taiwan Research and Extension Station: Hong Yu and Hong Yun.

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