Chaozhou Gongfucha set (not including teapot)

Chaozhou Gongfucha drinking set

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This Chaozhou Gongfu cha set focuses on the accessories used for tasting the tea. It includes:

- 1 qinghua bowl (Chaxi) for the teapot  of the end Qing dynasty/early ROC.

- 3 large qinghua cups.

- 3 second hand modern Japanese square copper saucers (Chatuo).

- 1 mini plate qinghua depicting a chrysanthemum flower from the end of the end Qing dynasty/early ROC

- 1 copper Jianshui bow (waste water bowl) from Japan,

- 1 zisha tea jar from the 1980s closed by an earthenware tea cup.

- the large, modern Chabu (tea ceremony fabric) is also included in this set.

The Yixing teapot isn't included in this set.

 Learn how to use this set here.

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