2017 Spring unroasted Hung Shui Oolong from Feng Huang


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Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong
Harvested by hand : April 28th, 2017
Origin:Feng Huang (Dong Ding)
Process: Rolled Oolong with a medium oxidation, well dried but not roasted.

1. View.
  The dry leaves are rather big and dark. The brew has an excellent transparency. The color is dark orange. This color is very similar to that of roasted Hung Shui Oolongs. The very healthu looking leaves unfold well and show signs of oxidation.

2. Scents
Dry, the smells remind me of very traditional, fruity Taiwan Oolong fragrance. The brew has ripe fruits like apples, pears and peaches, but it ends on an osmanthus note. The wet leaves have a scent of tea plantation after the rain in summer. There are no roasting aromas.
3. Taste
In competition mode (3 grams for 6 minutes), the taste feels thick, clean and powerful. There's a lot of sweetness, but also tannins that prolong the aftertaste. Even this 6 minutes brew is still very enjoyable, but I'd be careful not too brew it too strong in concentration.


Conclusion: Despite this tea's lack of roasting, it fits in the Hung Shui Oolong category because of its very traditional oxidation level. This gives us a rather rare opportunity to taste the original Dong Ding Oolong aromas (since Feng Huang village is part of the Dong Ding area) before roasting.

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