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2024 Spring Dong Ding competition Oolong King


Dong Ding competition King

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Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong

Harvested by hand in May 2024

Origin: Shan Lin Shi (1400 m)

Process: Rolled Oolong with a Dong Ding competition roast. No stems. Color selection.

1. The view

The dry leaves show no stems and have been sorted to look similar in color and size. The brew has clear and shiny orange color. The leaves unfurl well for a roasted Oolong. Their surface is like crab skin, just like it should be!

2. The scents

The dry leaves have the typical scent of a competition Oolong. It's a mix of raw nature, brandy and roast. The brew has a balanced mix of cereal, wood, roast scents with a hint of freshness at the end. This batch belongs to the top 5% of the competition, because of this freshness within the deep roast fragrances.

3. The taste

A harmonious sweet dryness with a hint of bitterness from the roast that prolongs the aftertaste for a very long time. And the cherry on the cake is that after a while one tastes a fresh and lively flavor that is the mark of the Dong Ding competition winners.

Conclusion: This Dong Ding Competition Oolong comes from of the same 'tea king' as in spring 2023. It's pretty similar (that's why I haven't changed the description), but the roast scents still dominate, because it's still very young, but it's already totally enjoyable if you like your Qingxin Oolong with an intense competition roast.

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