2017 Winter Top Hung Shui Jinxuan from Dong Ding

  High mountain winter sweetness

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Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong 
Harvested by hand on October 27th, 2017
Origin: Feng Huang, Dong Ding, Central Taiwan 
Elevation: 700 meters
Process: Hungshui Oolong, medium roasted.
1. View
The dry leaves are mat dark green in color. This greenness shows that the roast wasn't too powerful and has preserved the freshness of the leaves. The 6 minutes competition brew is dark orange. The open leaves are soft to the touch and their fresh colors are still there.
2. Scents
The dry scents are like Kelogg's rice krispies! The first brew has rich and nice roast and toasty scents. In the next brews, ripe fruit notes also appear.
3. Taste
The Jinxuan cultivar has milder and lighter taste than Qingxin Oolong. This stays true when the leaves are roasted. It has a nice sweetness and lightness that makes brewing it quite easy. The aftertaste isn't as powerful, but there's less also risk overbrewing it. And this tea also very well balanced in terms of roast and freshness. Therefore, it's a very good tea to improve on a Hung Shui Dong Pian (Si Ji Chun cultivar). And it's a tea that will continue to improve with time. 

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