Music CD: Oded Tzur, Here Be Dragons


Lingering Saxophone

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This the third album of Oded Tzur, a tenor saxophone player. His jazz music feels like a good tea: it's gaining maturity and purity with time! And if this album is called 'Here Be Dragons', it may be due to Oded's passion for Oolong (= dark dragon) tea! His Indian technique of raga brings us into a familiar, relaxed state of mind, similar to brewing tea. His music is perfect while performing a Chaxi. It is soft and meditative.

Due to the COVID, Oded had to cancel his tours this year. By purchasing this CD, you are also supporting Oded's passion for tea!

Oded plays with Nitai Hershkovits (piano), Petros Klampanis (double bass) and Jonathan Blake (drums).

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