2019 Spring 3 Dong Ding competition Oolongs


Dong Ding Style

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These 3 Oolongs were prized at the Dong Ding Oolong competition of the Lugu Farmers Association in spring 2019. Each is made of Qingxin Oolong harvested in April 2019, rolled, medium to strongly roasted and without stems. They come from 3 different farmers and plantations and are interesting to comparing with each other.

1. Lot 0913: 3 plums (= top 16% to 31% bracket)

This Oolong comes from a plantation near Feng Huang in the actual Dong Ding area. The leaves are therefore smaller (because they are not high elevation). And the roasting is also the strongest and most typical for this region and the competition.

2. Lot 3015: 3 plums (= top 16% to 31% bracket)

This lot comes from Shan Lin Xi. The leaves are bigger and the roast is less powerful. This tea has a very bright brew.

3. Lot 6342: 2nd prize (= top 2% to 7% bracket).

These leaves come from Alishan and are also roasted a little bit lighter than those from lower elevations. This quality level produces finer flavors.

Conclusion: it's interesting to compare these 3 teas and see how a higher elevation can help the complexity and quality of a roasted Oolong. High mountain Oolongs roasted in the Dong Ding style are regular winners of this competition. This set of 3 Dong Ding competition Oolongs from different regions helps you better understand why.

Note about packaging: The original packaging of 3 plums Oolongs is 2x300 gr and 2x150 gr for 2nd prize Oolongs. In order to enable a great number of people to taste these teas, I'm repackaging them in 25 gr foils. If you wish to receive an original, sealed cannister of 150 gr or 300 gr, you need to order a big enough quantity. (As always, the availability of these teas is limited).

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