• 2019 Hung Shui 'Dong Pian' Oolong from Mingjian

2020 Hung Shui 'Dong Pian' Oolong from Mingjian


SiJi Chun base

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Cultivar: SiJiChun Oolong

Harvested by machine: January 12th, 2020

Origin: Mingjian, Nantou county

Process: lightly oxidized, rolled Oolong.

It was light to medium charcoal roasted. This is the Hung Shui version of this lightly oxidized tea. It's possible to compare both teas to better understand the impact of roasting on the aromas of the leaves.

1. View

The dry leaves are dark and greyish green (due to the roasting) The brew has a clear and shiny golden hue.

2. Smell

The dry fragrances nutty and baked. The brew also has a wood and dark flowery scents. The cold smell is a very familiar traditional Taiwan Oolong smell, because Si Ji Chun is the base for most Taiwanese teas.

3. Taste

The taste is very sweet and light. The underlying freshness of this Dong Pian has been well preserved with this careful charcoal roasting.

Brewing advice: with such tea, it's very important to preheat your tea vessel well, especially if the walls are thick. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make the leaves unfurl. Since these leaves are not expensive, they are a good fit for a high leaf to water ratio. In that case, pour in and empty the teapot rather quickly for the first brews. However, the quality of this roasted Oolong is already so high that it's pleasant when brewed in competition or 'grandpa' style! 

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