2021 Winter Hung Shui SiJiChun Oolong from Mingjian


Almost like coffee!

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Cultivar: SiJiChun Oolong

Harvested by machine: Winter 2021

Origin: Mingjian, Nantou county

Process: lightly oxidized, rolled Oolong, medium to strong roast.

1. View

The dry leaves are dark (due to the roasting) The brew has a clear and shiny dark orange hue.

2. Smell

The dry fragrances nutty and baked. The brew also has wood and fruity coffee scents. The cold smell is like sweet molasse. 

3. Taste

The taste is very sweet with recent roasting notes. These roast notes will gradually fade with time.

Brewing advice:

with such tea, it's very important to preheat your tea vessel well, especially if the walls are thick. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make the leaves unfurl. This roasted Oolong makes a cup with lots of aromas that can replace a cup of coffee during the day.

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