Japanese Tetsubin with gold and silver decoration


Adds depth to your water

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Volume: 1 liter in normal use and 1.2 liter maximum

Weight: 1469 gr

Diameter at the base: 8.5 cm

Height with handle: 21 cm approximately

Origin: Kyoto, Japan.

This ancient cast iron tetsubin is not glazed inside, so that the water can interact with the iron. Iron adds a nice sweet and deep taste to the tea. Therefore, it's more suitable if you brew Oolongs or puerh. This tetsubin has signs of rust inside, but the water coming out of it is transparent and good to use. However, it still has some old smell because it hasn't been used for a long time. This will improve as you use it often.

The best way to take care of a tetsubin is to use it very regularly. Each time, it's important to empty and dry the kettle when you're done using it. If you leave water in it overnight, the iron will start to rust and this will produce a heavier taste for the water. Don't use chemicals to clean it. Only a clean, dry cloth for the outside.

This tetsubin shows signs of good craftsmanship. The iron is of good quality and the sound of the metal is high pitched like a bell. The gold and silver decoration on the handle is discreet and elegant. This kind of decoration is usually only done on the highest quality tetsubins. The original copper lid was lost and replaced by a moden one which fits. This can happen for ancient tetsubin and can be considered as a practical imperfection adding uniqueness to this kettle. Besides, the rough texture of the surface of the tetsubin is very well done. It looks like a rough and natural rock.

This kettle is best used for a very slow water flow that maximizes the aftertaste of the tea. It can be heated on a gas stove or an induction plate.

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