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Active Bamboo Charcoal


To chinese your water

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2 pieces of active charcoal from Zhushan, Taiwan
Zhushan is a village near Dong Ding Shan and Shan Lin Xi. The nutrients and minerals that bamboo charcoal has absorbed are the same as those of local Oolong. When the charcoal bamboo is added to water, it will impact the taste of the water and make it softer, cleaner and more suitable for brewing tea.
You can either use charcoal in cold water or in the kettle while cooking water. The actual impact will depend on your original water. In most cases, there will be an improvement, but this will not be a complete transformation. If your water quality is too bad, it may be necessary to use a filter system or to change your water.
To prepare the active charcoal bamboo wood, wash with clean water and dry. Between uses, always keep it dry.

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