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1970s Loose Raw Gushu Puerh

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The dark 

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Cultivar: Gushu (old arbor) Puerh

Harvested: 1970s (during the Cultural Revolution, which would explain why it wasn't pressed in a tea factory).

Origin: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Process: raw, sun dried, loose. Stored in Hong Kong and then Taiwan.

1. View

These dry leaves are particularly dark. The color of the brew is dark brown. Great transparency. The brewed leaves open up slowly.

2. Scents

Lots of camphor, old wood, incense and some storage scents. I don't go too much in detail about the scents. These are best experienced in a normal tea session with multiple brews.

3. Taste

Cooling taste on the tongue. Round and sweet with a good energy. Its aftertaste hits you slowly, but with much power. No bitterness. Pure bliss!

Price: The reference price for a puerh cake of the 1970s is 10,000 to 20,000 USD in auctions in HongKong and China. On a gram basis, this means 29 to 58 USD with the drawback that you have to purchase a full cake. With loose puerh, you have more flexibility in the amount you purchase AND the price is at a considerable discount!

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