2003 Cooked yellow mark puerh cake, CNNP


Dark Puerh 

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Harvested : 2003

Origin: Menghai region, private factory, packaged as CNNP (China National Native Produce)

Process: fermented, blended and pressed as cake.

Weight of a cake: 357 gram

1. The view

The leaves are rather small. The dark color of the tea leaves on the cake is parsed with dark orange buds. The brew is very dark, but not completely dark. The brewed leaves are not totally fermented.

2. The scents

After 20 years of aging, the dry leaves don't release many scents. The brew, however, is what you'd expect of a classic shu puerh, a mix of humid wood and earthy notes. Thanks to the clean storage and long aging, there are not off-flavors.

3. The taste

The taste is quite lively for a shu puerh. That's because of the leaves are not fully fermented. There's also has a nice mellow taste that feels warming. Time has nicely rounded this puerh.

Conclusion: This 20 years old cake is a very good everyday shu puerh!

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